how to care for angelfish fry

How To Take Care of Angelfish Fry

If you have separated your angelfish eggs from the parents, you need to take special care of the angelfish fry to ensure high survival rate. Here is how to take care of angelfish fry.

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How to Set Up Angelfish Fry Tank

The first step to taking care of angelfish fry is to make sure you have the angelfish fry tank set up correctly.

Use a Small Tank for Angelfish Fry

Get an aquarium that is 5 gallons or less for your angelfish fry. Don’t use a large tank because it will be very difficult for the angelfish fry to find its food.

Use a Sponge Filter in the Angelfish Fry tank

Set up the angelfish fry tank with a sponge filter. Don’t use a regular fish tank filter, it is too strong for the angelfish fry. The sponge filter will prevent angelfish fry from being sucked up.

Keep the Angelfish Fry Tank Warm

Use a water heater to keep the water warm in the Angelfish fry tank. Maintain water temperature of 78-82F.

How to Take Care of Angelfish Fry

Feed Angelfish Fry 3 to 4 Times a Day

Feed your angelfish fry 3 to 4 times a day. Feed the angelfish fry crushed tropical flakes or baby brine shrimp. You can feed specially formulated newborn fish food. Keep up with the frequent feeding so your angelfish fry will grow big and strong fast!

Change Water of Angelfish Fry Tank Every 2-3 days

You need to maintain optimal water quality in the angelfish fry tank. Every 2 to 3 days, change 5-10% of the water of your angelfish fry tank. Good water quality is crucial to your angelfish fry survival rate.

How to Take Care of Angelfish Fry if They are with Parents

If you left the angelfish eggs to hatch in the same tank as the parents, then you should make sure you have enough hiding space for the angelfish fry. The parents will take care and protect the eggs but once the angelfish fry are hatched, they may end up being eaten by their own parents!

Protect your angelfish fry by creating hiding spaces. Decorate the fish tank with rocks and plants so there are a lot of crevices in which the angelfish fry can hide in. I like to make a thick arrangement of rocks and plants to form a dense underwater jungle creating a lot of hiding spots for the angelfish fry. Another way to create hiding spaces for the angelfish fry is to use gravel instead of sand as the substrate, the gravel will naturally have little crevices that small fry can hide in.

Can I Use Breeding Box for Angelfish Fry?

You can use a breeding box for your angelfish fry. Using a breeding box will eliminate the need to have an extra fish tank to house your angelfish fry. The breeding box is a clear plastic box that hangs on the side of the fish tank, it shares the same water as the big fish tank but keeps the fish fry separate from the parents. The good thing about the breeding box is because it shares the same water as the big fish tank, it eliminates the need of maintaining a second fish tank (no need to change water twice!)

Should You Hatch Angelfish Eggs in the Breeding Box?

Don’t hatch the eggs in the breeding box. Hatch the eggs first in a mason jar and then transfer the angelfish fry once they are free swimming to the breeding box.

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