About Us

Pet Fish Pro is a guide to caring for your pet fish. Our guide is written by a father and daughter team of tropical fish experts. Learn how to take care of your fish, what to feed your fish, how to maintain your aquarium and even how to breed your fish at home!

Joseph See

Joseph is a tropical fish expert with 50 years experience in the aquarium trade. He ran a successful tropical fish business working with numerous aquariums from SeaWorld Orlando to Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Having over 50 years of experience, he now enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of freshwater and saltwater fish with Pet Fish Pro readers. Ben lives in New Jersey with his wife.

Joselynn Chua

Joselynn learned the aquarium trade from her father, Joseph See, a veteran tropical fish expert. Having grown up in the tropical fish business, she had numerous pet fish including her beloved Golden Arowana, Goldie (Goldie grew to 3 feet long!) She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Cornell University. Joselynn lives in Connecticut with her husband, two kids and 3 fish tanks.

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