what size tank needed for angelfish

Fish Tank Size Needed For Angelfish (Tank Size Calculator)

Are you trying to decide the fish tank size needed for your angelfish? Angelfish are freshwater aquarium fish that can grow pretty big. Growing to 6-10 inches long, your angelfish will suffer if you overcrowd your fish tank with too many angelfish. When trying to decide the correct fish tank size for your angelfish, you need to take that into account the type of angelfish you will be housing. Are you housing breeding angelfish, if so, you need a much larger tank than just regular non-breeding adult angelfish. Or will you be housing juvenile angelfish, if so, then you can fit more angelfish in one tank. We’ve created an Angelfish Tank Size Calculator below to calculate the size of tank needed for your angelfish.

What Size Tank Do You Need for 1 Angelfish?

You will need at least a 15 gallon tank for one angelfish. This is for an adult sized Angelfish. Make sure you get a fish tank that is tall rather than wide for your angelfish since they need a lot of space to swim and can grow quite large.

What Size Tank Do You Need for 2 Angelfish?

For two adult angelfish, you need at least at least a 30 gallon tank. However, if you are planning to breed your angelfish, you will need a larger tank for your angelfish because you have to take into account the angelfish fry (babies).

What Size Tank Do You Need for a Pair of Breeding Angelfish?

I recommend a 50 gallon tank at a minimum for a pair of breeding angelfish. This is because the angelfish needs space to swim and once the eggs hatch you will have a lot of angelfish fry swimming around. Notice that the pair of breeding angelfish will need a larger tank than the minimum 30 gallons for 2 non-breeding adult angelfish.

What Size Tank Do You Need for 8 Young Angelfish?

To house 8 young angelfish, you will need a 52 gallon tank. Since fish tanks are usually sold in 50 or 55 gallon tanks, I’d round up and get the bigger 55 gallon tank to house the 8 juvenile angelfish. As your angelfish mature, they will start pairing up into male and female angelfish breeding pairs.

What Size Tank Do You Need for Your Angelfish?

Use the Angelfish Tank Size calculator below to compute the tank size needed for your angelfish. You can select the type of angelfish you are planning to get- adult, breeding or juvenile angelfish.

Adult angelfish will need 15 gallons per fish. If you are breeding angelfish you will need 25 gallons per angelfish. While juvenile angelfish will need 6.5 gallons per angelfish. This calculator is for angelfish only fish tank. If you are creating a community tank of angelfish mixed with other freshwater aquarium fish then you will need to make adjustments because you don’t want overcrowding in your fish tank.

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